The 2020 Abington Review

It’s here!


The 202 Abington Review has arrived! Since the university has closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, students, faculty, and staff may obtain a copy of The 2020 Abington Review by emailing faculty advisor, Jimmy J. Pack Jr. at jjp18 at psuedu.

Table of Contents:

Introduction 5
Editor’s Note Eric Seamans 7
Promise of Vines Xavier Christopher-Truss 10
Mother Nada Abuharthieh 11
Bankrupt Andrew Leake 12
A White Rose Stacey Burke 18
Kiefer Nicholas Nalence 19
“Pineapple Expression” Bear Nevada 23
Roots Of Woman Nada Abuharthieh 24
Alexa Eric Seamans 25
Eight Doors Riley Weldon 29
I Remember Moxon Fleegle 32
Sunkist Denell Lewis 33
Shadow Over Tullytown Harper Lee 34
Persona Americana Arthur Minkovich 44
”Ghost” Er McHugh 47
Pain Without Gain Dave Hunt 48
“Droplets” Megan Close 55
Close Space Bianca Musial 57
“Ego Ergo” Edward Supranowicz 68
Dusting Cobwebs Stacey Burke 69
“Repetition” Stacey Burke 69
Disabilities To Opportunities Colin Grace 70
Jon’s Street Adam Aikens 74
Landscapes Ethan Durand 79
“The Room” Julia McPhillips 82
Progress Cassie Wright 83
Purple Stacey Burke 86
Anatomia Moskale Arthur Minkovich 87
Salt Buckets Denell Lewis 92
“Blue Fog” Megan Close 95
Localization: A Necessary Evil Ethan Durand 96
Mile Marker 174 Charles Arthur Roepke 100
A Moment of Clarity Ryan Saver 101
The Outsider Alexandra Papakonstantinou 102
“Downpatrick Head” Megan Close 106
Papa Oscar Whiskey Charles Arthur Roepke 107
“Robin” Er McHugh 113
Pond 13 Riley Weldon 114
Thirteen Years Sthasy Guerrero 120
“Color Harmony” Danny Jiang 121
Illumination Ariel Hooks 122
“Something Wicked Came This Way” Fesica Monroe 125
Illusion Ruster Toons 126
Waste Management Welcomes You Tanner Morris 129
“Kind Of A Flower” Julia McPhillips 131
Our Ever-So-Loyal Punching Bag Bridget Welsh 132
“Johnathan” Bear Nevada 140
Be Careful Of The Dark Shannon Kennedy 141
“Guardian Of The Cuyahoga” Fesica Monroe 143
“Girl Standing On Rock” Megan Close 146
Paper Ocean Raymond Chow 147
The Calm Pond Peter Jaskiewicz 149